Is In Stock Get instant text and email notifications
hard-to-find products
are back in stock.

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Getting your hands on
hard-to-find products
is now easy.

An example of a text alert being sent from Is In Stock.

How it works

  1. Find the products you’re interested in.

  2. Sign up and customize your store location settings.

  3. Get instantly alerted via email or text the moment your product is in stock.

Get priority alerts.

Upgrade your alert to receive
massive benefits that will
help you get the
product you’re looking for faster.

Basic Free Priority $5.00
Local inventory alerts Track every store around you
Online inventory alerts Only the ones that ship to you
Email notifications Directly to your inbox
Text message notifications Faster than email
Priority queue Skip the line
Number of notifications One Unlimited for 30 days*

* You can disable your Priority alerts at any time.

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